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Draoi is a multiplayer, Virtual Reality action game and social world that will deliver the rich depths of Irish Mythology as exhilarating, playable experiences! We’ve planned some seriously scary stories that will enthrall and terrify! We set them against the backdrop of real locations around Ireland that will build up a connected world, full of experiences.

It runs on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets (and will move to other platforms this year, including Oculus Quest).

It’s currently in “Early Access” on Steam, just to get feedback on gameplay. We are planning very rapid expansion of our game, with a huge selection of new battlegrounds, quests and experiences and a massive array of spells and abilities.

At the core of the game is a “gesture based” spell system. Spells are cast by gripping the controllers and carving a pattern in the air that corresponds to a spell. The more accurately you cast, the more powerful the spell becomes. You can then use the spell to destroy, heal, create or even fly!

We plan to release hundreds of spells! Read more about them here.

We’ve released an initial set of six playable areas. These are a mix of Battlegrounds (where you play against other Draoi, solo or in teams, to achieve a win) or Social areas where you can hang out with other Draoi, play games and create your own challenges and experiences!

The Draoi use “Portals” to travel between areas. Simply stand on these and you’ll be transported. Some of them need a minimum number of players (e.g. Cahergall Arena is 1v1 so requires 2 players).

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