Cahergall Arena

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Cahergall is a stone fort in County Kerry.

Draoi test their combat skills with a limited range of spells in a very small space. When the bigger arenas open up, you’ll be glad of the practice.

Fast reaction times and smooth casting, while moving, will save your life.


To enter a 1v1 battle, stand on the Portal in Stronghold, with one other Draoi and when the countdown completes, you will both enter the arena.

Any number of Draoi can stand on the Portal and pairs will be sent to their own arena dimension.

You won’t be able to move until the countdown finishes and you should use this time to remember the four spells displayed (Attack, Defence, Control and Heal).

These are chosen randomly to help you practice certain forms of combat.

When the battle begins, you have to collect 5 of the randomly placed Anam Clouds, before your opponent.

Use your spells to overcome your opponent and prevent them collecting Clouds.

Once 5 Clouds have been collected you will be transported back to Stronghold, ready to try again!

Ádh mór.

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