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The highest peak in the land is surrounded by verdant, rocky terrain, clear lakes and the sweetest air imaginable.

Draoi go there to play, to fly and to experiment with their magic without fear of harming others.

Draoi may travel there at any time by standing on the Portal in Stronghold. Travel with friends, or seek other Draoi when you’re there.

Use the Manifest spell to conjure items (we’ll be adding many more in the weeks ahead). For example:

  • Conjure a row of crates and use them as target practice. Even more fun if one of you uses Force to throw them into the air for a friend!
  • Conjure a Flight Assault course using the hoops. Just point your hand into the sky and shoot – the hoops will fly from your hand and you can paint a challenging course for yourself or a friend. The hoops will shrink as you fly through them so you can see how well you did.
  • Soap Bubbles are also great for target practice!
  • Conjure a Gaelic Football pitch and a ball, then play Force Football!

There are some attractions scattered over the landscape. Check the signpost near the starting portal for directions.

  • Target Practice: Admire the scenery while honing your skills. Conjure a Magic Bow for example, stand on a pad and let the games begin. Compete with other Draoi – a good eye and fast casting (when your spells run out) can help you beat them down!
  • Bucket O’Balls: Down by Lough Gummeenduff is a great place to practice the delicate art of the Force spell.
  • Demon Punch: Up to three Draoi may join at once – conjure some God Hands and beat down the Demons!
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