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Some day, the Abhartach will escape his tomb and evil will return to An Domhan. Until then, his loyal followers wander the dank corridors of his once mighty lair, starving and vicious, waiting for anyone to stumble into their path.

The souls of many unfortunate victims are trapped in the lower levels of the castle and the Draoi do what they can to release them from their torment. They gather the ethereal residue, Anam, which will allow them to craft new spells, once the book of knowledge is complete…

Draoi may join the search at any time by standing on the Portal in Stronghold.

Other Draoi may already be there and the competition for Anam is fierce so be sure to stand your ground.

However, it’s the blood-sucking inhabitants you should watch for!

The cunning Abhartach left a curse upon the castle that will, from time to time, changes its layout! Don’t get too complacent or you’ll end up in a dead end with a horde of horrors on your trail.

To help you navigate, use the Farsight to find Anam and other players. Just hold your hands up to your eyes for a moment and you will see.

The poor souls will emerge all over the dungeon so be quick and collect the Anam Clouds before other Draoi get to them.

You are only trying to help so stay as long as you can (and perhaps practice your magical proficiency) but whenever you feel you’ve had enough, use your Spell Book to return home.

Ádh mór.

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