New Release: 21st January 2019

We’ve added a ton of new stuff to this release!

Cahergall Arena, Kerry

Cahergall Arena: Locked in this stone fort, you battle another Draoi, using only 4 selected spells for Attack, Defence, Healing and Control. Collect 5 Spirits, before your opponent, to win the game. Just stand on the portal in Baile An Dagda (up near the tall tower), with at least one other player when the countdown hits zero, pay attention to the allowed spells, then game on!

Slaghtaverty Castle Dungeon: In the heart of County Derry lies Sleacht Aibheartaigh (Slaghtaverty), home of the feared Abhartach (read more here and here).

The Abhartach’s castle is full of undead horrors. The Draoi sneak in from the portal in Baile An Dagda, to farm the lower levels, releasing the trapped souls and gathering their energy for later use. Avoid the Vampires, Spiders and Undead warriors as you explore and collect Spirits in corridors that change their layout to deter intruders. Use you farsight (hold your hands like you’re using binoculars) to detect Spirits and other Players and use whatever magic you need to get through it. Use the Home button in your Spell Book when you’re ready to go back.

Carrauntoohil mini games: Carrauntoohil is the highest peak in Ireland. Glide over this magnificent landscape with other Draoi, create your own games (using the Manifest spell to conjure objects) or visit the attractions. The sign on the summit will show you the way.

Target Practice lets you and your friends compete and practice your aim (the Magic Bow is really fun here – don’t forget to cast it again if it runs out so you don’t miss a shot!). Eye Of Balor, if cast quickly enough can catch the ones you miss – great practice for rapid spell casting, under pressure!

Basket O’Balls (down near Lough Gummeenduff) is a chance to practice the subtle art of the Force spell. You’ll need to get good at this, because we plan to make levitation and object control central to being an adept Draoi.

However, if you just want to smash something, join other players at the Demon Punch – cast Hand Of God and knock some sense into ’em. Only hit your own enemies or you’ll lose points.

Training Academy

Training Academy: The Town Library now allows you to practice, with other Draoi and refine your spell casting proficiency. Spells become more powerful if you cast them accurately – Flames go further, Shields last longer, etc. so it’s worth practicing. You’ll be asked to cast 10 spells. When you’re finished, touch the orb to leave (or just use your Spell Book to go home at any time).

New Spells: Shield, Protector and Heal.

Shields can take hits from projectiles – carry them around or drop them to form barriers or block doorways.

Protector can be cast before you head into dangerous situations – it creates a bubble of energy around you that can be recalled by holding your arms up, as if flexing your muscles – until the spell expires. When present, it will reduce the damage you take (and gets more effective if you cast it accurately).

Heal will conjure a ball of pure lifeforce and throw it to heal all friendly Draoi (including you!), wherever it lands.

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